Satellite Events

Several satellite events are taking place during and around the conference. Details will be announced and updated in due time.

Arbeitskreis AstroFrauenNetzwerk / AstroFemaleNetwork

Time: Monday, September 12, 11:00-13:00

Organizers: Stefanie Walch-Gassner (Uni Köln)

During their get-together on Monday morning, the AstroFemaleNetwork participants plan to discuss

  • Report on AFN activities September 2021 - September 2022
  • Update of AFN communication infrastructure: web pages
  • AFN Speaker team for September 2022 - September 2023
We also invite contributed talks of 5-10 min on further topics by participants. Please e-mail your suggested contributions to the AFN list to reserve a spot, or just bring along your talk, with or without slides!

Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting and discussion.

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Time: Monday, September 12, 15:30

  • Telescopium in Lilienthal
    meeting point: Hauptstraße 1, 28865 Lilienthal

    way to and from Telescopium:
    from University:
    from University Zentralbereich take Bus No 21 (Direction Sebaldsbrück/Mahndorf) to stop Bürgermeister Spitta Alle
    then change to Tram No 4 (Direction Lilienthal) to Lilienthal Truperdeich
    then 50 m to the Telescopium

    After the visit, the way to go downtown to the Haus der Wissenschaften is (takes 35 min):
    take Tram No 4 (Direction Arsten) to Schüsselkorb
    then 100 m to the Haus der Wissenschaften

Time: Tuesday, September 13, 18:30

  • Olbers-Planetarium in Bremen
    meeting point: Werderstraße 73, 28199 Bremen
    Tram 6, stop Wilhelm-Kaisen-Brücke, 200 m to the right by foot (Hochschule Bremen)

Time: Thursday, September 15, 13:00

  • OHB Bremen
  • DLR - Institute of Space Systems
  • ZARM - Center of Applied Space Technology and Microgravity
Meeting point in front of Cafe Unique at 12:45.

Time: Friday, September 16, 13:00

  • DLR - Institute of Space Systems
Meeting point in front of Cafe Unique at 12:45.

Award Ceremony for the Caroline Herschel Medal followed by Reception

Time: Monday, September 12, 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Haus der Wissenschaft (House of Science)

Sandstraße 4/5, 28195 Bremen


Mitgliederversammlung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft

Termin: Dienstag, 13. September, 17:00 - ca. 19:00 Uhr

Zugang zum virtuellen Versammlungsraum

Conference Dinner

Time: Wednesday, September 12, 19:00 - 21:00

Location: Hudson Eventloft

Konsul-Smidt-Straße 8D, 28217 Bremen

Öffentlicher Abendvortrag

Termin: Donnerstag, 15. September, 20:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Ort: Übersee-Museum Bremen

Bahnhofsplatz 13, 28195 Bremen

Mark McCaughrean (European Space Agency):
Das James Webb Weltraum Teleskop: Vom ersten Blick bis zu neuen Planeten

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Termin: Freitag, 16. September, 14:00 - 17.00 Uhr

Weitere Informationen und Anmeldung

Colloquium of the Working Group History of Astronomy in the Astronomical Society

Time: Friday, September 16 - Sunday, September 18

Organizer: Gudrun Wolfschmidt (Hamburg)

On the occasion of the AG2022 conference a separate meeting of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy on the topic "Instruments, methods and discoveries for innovative developments in astronomy" will be held in Bremen and Lilienthal from September 16-18.

Further information and registration