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Meeting of the Astronomical Telescope Network Germany

Compact Objects in Astrophysics

Antonia DrescherInfrared Interferometry of the Galactic Center Black HoleContributed Talk
Artur AvakyanTwo new catalogs of low-mass and high-mass XRBs in the GalaxyContributed Talk
Bilel Ben-SalemPropagation time delay and frame dragging effects of lightlike geodesics in the timing of a pulsar orbiting SgrA*Contributed Talk
C. PfeiferBlack Holes in teleparallel gravityContributed Talk
Fech Scen KhooAlmost matter-independent universal relations for the quasinormal modes of neutron stars in R^2 theoryContributed Talk
Florian PeißkerObservation of dust-enshrouded objects; Star formation close to a supermassive black hole?Invited Talk
Gh. SalehMathematical and physical proof of the time of beginning and end of the universe, from Big Bang to Big BangContributed Talk
H. StieleStudying quasi-periodic oscillations during state transitionContributed Talk
Huanchen HuTaking gravity tests with the Double Pulsar to the next levelContributed Talk
HyatEchoes from Black Holes and WormholesContributed Talk
Jan HacksteinGravitational field recovery via inter-satellite redshift measurementsContributed Talk
Jan-Menno MemmenSpinning light source orbiting a compact Schwarzschild objecContributed Talk
José Luis Blázquez-SalcedoPerturbations of scalar-Gauss-Bonnet black holesContributed Talk
Konstantinos KokkotasNeutron Star Physics based on pre- and post-merger observationsInvited Talk
Malte HeinleinNeutrinos from Proto-Neutron-Stars and the Nuclear Equation of StateContributed Talk
Michael F. WondrakEHT Black Hole Observations Constraining Models of GravityInvited Talk
Patrick GüntherImproved numerical scheme for solving shock acceleration in jets using stochastic differential equationsContributed Talk
S. Elaheh HosseiniA new dense association of stars at the Galactic CenterContributed Talk
Sayantani LahiriSpin fluid supported stationary torus around Schwarzschild black holeContributed Talk
Sebastiano D. von FellenbergYoung Stars in the Galactic CenterContributed Talk
Volker PerlickInfluence of a plasma on gravitational lensing in stationary axisymmetric spacetimesContributed Talk
Volker Perlick, Claus LämmerzahlSimulation of the general-relativistic light deflection with a plastic lensPoster

Diversity and Inclusion in Astronomy and Astrophysics

Erdal TekinSocial Background as diversity dimension in German education systemInvited Talk
Frossie EconomouScience platforms as a tool for democratizing data accessInvited Talk
Jake Noel-StorrAstronomy for Equity and Inclusion: Globally to LocallyInvited Talk
K. Azalee BostroemEvidence-Based Hiring Practices that Promote Excellence and DiversityInvited Talk
Leonard BurtscherAstronomy and the climate crisisInvited Talk
Rolf Danner Supporting the whole self of sexual-orientation and gender minoritiesInvited Talk

Astronomy and Education

Annette Ladstätter-WeissenmayerTeaching Astrophysics and Space ScienceContributed Talk
Cormac LarkinStudying Astronomy and Physics Students’ Beliefs about Physics and Learning Physics Using PBI: A Design-based Implementation Research StudyContributed Talk
D DsouzaWhat is the natural activity spread for same-age, same-mass cool stars?Poster
Frederik NehmBEHIND THE STARS: Teaching basic astronomy using historical instruments in an interactive appContributed Talk
Susanne HüttemeisterESERO – Activities of the European Space Education Resource Office in GermanyContributed Talk
Wolfgang VieserAstronomy Learning in Out-of-School LocationsContributed Talk

eROSITA Science

A. VeronicaThe eROSITA view of the Abell 3391/95 field: Cluster Outskirts and FilamentsContributed Talk
Aafia Zainab Ansar Follow-up of new eROSITA discovered Galactic binary with NuSTARContributed Talk
Adriana PireseROSITA follow-up of candidates of continuous gravitational waves from Einstein@HomePoster
Adriana PiresXMM-Newton and SRG/eROSITA observations of the isolated neutron star candidate 4XMM J022141.5-735632Poster
Ang LiuStudying galaxy clusters with eROSITAInvited Talk
Artur AvakyanFollow-up of two eROSITA XRB candidates with XMM-NewtonPoster
ComparatThe cosmic web of X-ray AGNContributed Talk
Enza MagauddaA first eROSITA view of stellar coronae across the HR diagramContributed Talk
Federico ZangrandiPopulation Study of SNRs in the Large Magellanic CloudContributed Talk
Florian EppelMultiwavelength Constraints on the Nature of Fast Radio BurstsPoster
Frank HaberlX-ray binaries in the eROSITA all-sky surveysInvited Talk
I-Non ChiuCosmological Constraints from Galaxy Clusters and Groups in the eROSITA Final Equatorial Depth SurveyContributed Talk
Iuliia GrotovaAn ultra-soft nuclear transient in a FRII radio galaxy discovered with eROSITAContributed Talk
Jan KurpasThe search for X-ray dim isolated neutron stars in the eROSITA All-Sky SurveyContributed Talk
Joana WokittelAn exploration of different methods to remove telluric signatures from exoplanet transit observationsPoster
Johannes BuchnerActive Galactic Nuclei studies with eROSITAInvited Talk
Katja PoppenhaegerProspects for exoplanet research with X-ray observationsContributed Talk
Kisetsu TsugeHII regions in the Large Magellanic CloudPoster
Martin MayerCharacterizing thermal and nonthermal X-ray emission in the Vela supernova remnant with SRG/eROSITAContributed Talk
Matthias KleinEnabling the first eROSITA based cluster cosmology through systematic analysis of optical imaging surveysContributed Talk
Michael YeungThe Soft X-Ray Foreground as Revealed by Sight Lines to the Darkest X-Ray ShadowsContributed Talk
Nicola LocatelliThe Milky Way hot circumgalactic medium as seen by eROSITAContributed Talk
Ole KönigX-ray Detection of a Nova in the Fireball PhaseContributed Talk
P.C. SchneiderHow eROSITA discovers new members of star forming regionsContributed Talk
R. SeppiDetecting clusters of galaxies and active galactic nuclei in an eROSITA all-sky survey digital twin Contributed Talk
Samet OkeROSITA view of the NGC 2516 fieldPoster
SchwopeCataclysmic Variables in eROSITA surveysContributed Talk
Sebastian FreundThe stellar content of the first eROSITA all-sky surveyContributed Talk
Steven HämmerichThe eROSITA blazar skyContributed Talk
Tanya UrrutiaSearching for Luminous Obscured Quasars with eROSITAContributed Talk
Thomas ReiprichNearby galaxy clusters and warm-hot gas filaments as seen by the eROSITA All-Sky SurveyInvited Talk
V. GhirardiniEarly Results from the First eROSITA All Sky Cluster SurveyPoster
Xueying ZhengBroad band maps of eROSITA and their comparison with the ROSAT surveyContributed Talk
Yi ZhangStudy the hot extended X-ray emission around z<0.1 galaxies with eRASS1 dataPoster
Zhu LiuTidal Disruption Events detected by eROSITAContributed Talk

EScience, Machine Learning and Virtual Observatory

Anastasia GalkinBuilding a DevOp environment - behind the scenes of a Daiquiri powered archivesContributed Talk
Coleman KilbyExtracting information on exoplanets from transit spectroscopy utilizing deep learningPoster
Harry EnkeScientific Data Infrastructures - PUNCH4NFDIContributed Talk
Kirill MakanContinuous development and maintenance of the Daiquiri frameworkContributed Talk
Markus DemleitnerA New Registry API for pyVOContributed Talk
Michael JohnsonExploring the Provenance of Astronomical WorkflowsContributed Talk
Nikos GianniotisProbabilistic Cross-Correlation for Delay EstimationContributed Talk
Ole StreicherDebian Astro: The first yearsContributed Talk

(Exo)Planet Diversity, Formation, and Evolution (PFE-SPP 1992 joint meeting)

Anne-Sophie LibertDynamical constraints on tightly packed planetary systemsContributed Talk
Dominik HezelData Science in Cosmochemistry: Using all data for original research with an example from chondrule-matrix complementarityContributed Talk
Ema ValenteExcitation of the obliquity of Earth-like planets via tidal forcingContributed Talk
Gayathri ViswanathImaging pursuit of an elusive planet, epsilon Indi Ab, in the near to mid-infraredContributed Talk
Henrik KnierimConstraining the Origin of Giant Exoplanets via Elemental Abundance MeasurementsContributed Talk
Steven Rendon RestrepoThe impact of self-gravity smoothing length on dust dust-laden vortices simulationsContributed Talk
Tim D. PearceDebris Discs as Probes of Planetary SystemsInvited Talk

Hot stars in the Gaia era

Ayesha Arshad ArainA peek into the Hot subdwarfs through the lens of the SEDsContributed Talk
Christoph SchürmannPopulation synthesis of massive stars with compact companions in the SMCContributed Talk
Cormac LarkinFundamental stellar parameters for 222 B-type stars for the X-shooter Spectral LibraryContributed Talk
Fabian MattigRadial velocity study of hot subdwarf stars from SDSS Contributed Talk
Harry DawsonA volume-complete sample of hot subluminous stars out to 500 pc using GaiaContributed Talk
Henry WillemsHunting for the progenitors of helium white dwarfsContributed Talk
Koushik SenNuclear-timescale reverse Algol evolution and hydrogen-rich Wolf-Rayet stars from very massive binariesContributed Talk
Lukas StockStellar multiplicity studies of B stars using multiple observation methods and radial velocity analysisContributed Talk
Marie ScheffenRadial velocity variability of red giants and blue horizontal branch starsContributed Talk
Matheus Bernini PeronSpectroscopic Evidence for Weaker Clumping and X-ray Emission Cool B-SupergiantsContributed Talk
Max PritzkuleitHE 1518-0948 a potential supernova-ejected runawayContributed Talk
Ramon JaegerEclipse timing variation of hot subdwarf binariesContributed Talk
Roel LefeverThe Why and How of Improvements on Wolf-Rayet Star Atmospheres.Contributed Talk
Sebastian WeichKinematic analysis of faint blue stars in the MMT HVS surveyContributed Talk
Semih FilizSpectral analysis of hot DA- and DAO-type white dwarfsContributed Talk

Junge AG - Young AG

Amy JoyceChanging velocity of X-ray corona of Active Galactic Nucleus NGC 1365Contributed Talk
Cormac LarkinM5 – Mars Magnetospheric Multipoint Measurement Mission: A multi-spacecraft plasma physics mission to MarsContributed Talk
Elias EhlSearching for Cooling Neutron Stars in Data of the X-ray Observatory SRG/eROSITAContributed Talk
Gustavo MedinaA study of Cepheids in Galactic open clusters and the Cepheid period-age relation in the Gaia eraPoster
Gustavo MedinaProbing the Galactic outer halo using kinematics and stellar abundances of distant RR LyraeContributed Talk
Lukas WeghsAn Exploration of Machine Learning Algorithms for Photometric Detection of ExomoonsContributed Talk
M. PashapourahmadabadiOne- and two-point source statistics from the Lofar Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)Contributed Talk
Markus HundertmarkIntroduction to the aims of the Junge AGContributed Talk
Serina T. LatzkoInvestigating the [CII] deficit in M82 with FIFI-LS on SOFIAContributed Talk

Public Outreach in der Astronomie

Björn VossPreparing for the 100th anniversary of the planetariumsContributed Talk
Tim Florian HornDas zentrale Projekt UniverseOnTour im Wissenschaftsjahr 2023Invited Talk
Volker Ossenkopf-OkadaKinderuni Köln: Nachrichten von einem kleinen blauen PunktContributed Talk
Volker Ossenkopf-OkadaWissenschaftsjahr 2023: Space CircusContributed Talk

The Southern Radio-Sky: Results & Opportunites

Ancor Damas SegoviaImaging science with the MPIfR MeerKAT Galactic​ Plane Survey (MMGPS)Contributed Talk
Arshia Maria JacobMolecular absorption spectroscopy in the Southern Galactic plane: Synergies between FIR and radio wavelengthsContributed Talk
Benjamin L. SchmittThe Next Generation Cosmic Microwave Background Experiment – CMB-S4Contributed Talk
Charlotte Bewick, Matthias Reichert OHB: 60 Years of Global Heritage in AstronomyInvited Talk
Dr Gulay GurkanOn the pathway to the SKA: Exciting science with the deep and wide-field ASKAP survey of the GAMA23 fieldContributed Talk
Enrique MaciasALMA: science and capabilitiesContributed Talk
Fabian JankowskiImplications from the first MeerTRAP Fast Radio Burst sample discovered with the MeerKAT telescopeContributed Talk
Ferdinand JünemannA new S-Band Foreground Survey with the SKA-MPG Demonstrator DishContributed Talk
Florian RöschThe Impact of Southern-Hemisphere Radio Blazar Observations on Neutrino AstronomyContributed Talk
Günther HasingerDeutsches Zentrum für Astrophysik (DZA)Invited Talk
Jinglan ZhengSKA synergies: LoTSS DR2 cosmology resultsContributed Talk
Kristof RozgonyiAsynchronous on-the-fly (OTF) mosaic imaging with MeerKATContributed Talk
Mario SantosMeerKLASS, the MeerKAT Large Area Synoptic SurveyContributed Talk
Petra BenkeTeV detected AGN jets in the TANAMI programContributed Talk
Shalini SenguptaScience results : MPIfR-MeerKAT Galactic Plane Survey (MMGPS) for Pulsars at L-Band.Contributed Talk
Veena Vadamattom ShajiThe SEDIGISM survey: Understanding the Molecular Skeleton of the Milky Way with APEXContributed Talk

General Poster

Andreas KelzThe BlueMUSE project and the contributions by German partnersPoster
Andreas KelzThe MOSAIC multi-object spectrograph for the ELT Poster
Gh. SalehMathematical description of Hubble's experimental lawPoster
Gh. SalehThe real linear and rotational velocity of the universe and its radiusPoster

Plenary Talks

OpeningInvited Talk
Alfred KrabbeSOFIA’s legacy and future stratospheric FIR platformsInvited Talk
Anna FranckowiakMulti-Messenger Astronomy with Gamma Rays and NeutrinosInvited Talk
Anna WattsNICER and its view of neutron starsInvited Talk
Astrophysical Software Award Talk - Tommaso GrassiKROME - an Open-Source Code to Model ThermochemistryInvited Talk
Caroline Herschel Lecture - Eva GrebelCaroline Herschel, the hunt for faint features, and galactic archaeologyInvited Talk
Charlotte BewickSatellites and Space Debris Impact on the Night SkyInvited Talk
Else StarkenburgA GAIA view on the early Milky WayInvited Talk
Franz KirstenFast Radio BurstsInvited Talk
Hardi PeterSolar Orbiter and other missions exploring the SunInvited Talk
Jürgen KnödlsederThe carbon footprint of astronomical research infrastructuresInvited Talk
Karl Schwarzschild Lecture - Hans-Thomas JankaCore-Collapse Supernovae: From Neutrino-driven Explosion Models to ObservationsInvited Talk
Ludwig Biermann Award Talk - Thomas SiegertPositron annihilation as an astrophysical messengerInvited Talk
Mara SalvatoeROSITA insights on the hot and energetic UniverseInvited Talk
Mark McCaughreanThe James Webb Space Telescope: from first light to new planetsInvited Talk
PhD Prize Talk - Arshia JacobSmall Molecules, Big Impact: Investigating hydrides in the interstellar medium Invited Talk
Richard L. KremerKepler & OlbersInvited Talk
Roelof de Jong4MOST and its scienceInvited Talk
Roger DeaneA MeerKAT Science OverviewInvited Talk
TMHoThe contribution of the Hayabusa missions to our understanding of asteroidsInvited Talk
Veronika SchaffenrothThe impact of TESS on our understanding of compact binary starsInvited Talk