Contributed Talk - Splinter eROSITA

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 15:08   (SFG 0140 / virtual eROSITA)

Searching for Luminous Obscured Quasars with eROSITA

Tanya Urrutia
Leibniz Institut für Astrophysik, Potsdam

Obscured AGN are hard to find via traditional optical and near-IR color searches. In addition to the extinction affecting primarily the UV and optical regime, the dust reddening also moves their colors towards typical stellar loci. eROSITA presents us with an opportunity to separate these typically red, obscured quasars from the inactive stars. Even though eROSITA is most sensitive in the softer X-rays, it can nevertheless pick up on the most extreme obscured objects with its all sky survey. These luminous, obscured quasars are thought to be in the feedbacking phase, driving out gas and dust via powerful winds and hence suppressing star formation in their host galaxies. I will present some examples and describe some of the searches going on searching for these luminous obscured quasars.