Invited Talk - Plenary

Friday, 16 September 2022, 11:30   (Keksdose / virtual plenum)

Satellites and Space Debris Impact on the Night Sky

Charlotte Bewick
OHB System

Commercial space industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented boom. Satellites are launched at ever increasing rates to fuel the new mega constellations built up in orbit. One unintended consequence is the light polution of the night sky by Sunlight reflected off satellites and space debris. In this talk an overview of the current and future space population will be given and an assessment of the expected impact on the visible night sky. The problem of defunct and destroyed satellites will be introduced and possible technical solutions for the resulting problems are discussed. Dr. Bewick is the head of the scientific missions predevelopment department at OHB System in Bremen as well as the coordinator of the OHB Space Debris centre of competence. She has a satellite mission and system design background and will be discussing this topic from the point of view of a spacecraft engineer.