Contributed Talk - Splinter EScience

Thursday, 15 September 2022, 16:20   (SFG 1040 / virtual eScience)

Continuous development and maintenance of the Daiquiri framework

E-Science Team (AIP)
Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam

Daiquiri is a highly customizable Django-based framework for database publication. It was developed by the E-Science team at AIP and is already in use for several data archives, e.g., GAIA, APPLAUSE, RAVE, MUSE. Additional tools, such as Daiquiri docker containerization (dq-dev) and scripts (daiquiri_tools), facilitate the development and maintenance of the Daiquiri instances and published data collections. Daiquiri is in continuous development to fit new requirements from the most recent (e.g., GAIA DR3, APPLAUSE DR4) and upcoming (e.g., 4MOST) data publications. Moreover, it is kept up-to-date with the current software development, software security, and data publication standards. As an example, some of the more recently developed features include (1) IVOA datalink, (2) extended plotting functionality of the SQL query results and spectra. The datalink protocol is an IVOA standard which allows to gather all available information from a given source, e.g., dataset, spectra, documentation, related publications, and more. It greatly increase the user experience in browsing archives. The data visualization was substantially improved by adding the support for several new plottypes, e.g., color coded scatter-plot, histogram. For the current GAIA release, the custom spectral viewer visualizes the high-resolution RVS spectra. These extended plotting features enables a preliminary examination of the results which helps to adjust the SQL queries without downloading large data sets.