Invited Talk - Plenary

Wednesday, 14 September 2022, 12:00   (Keksdose / virtual plenum)

eROSITA insights on the hot and energetic Universe

Mara Salvato on Behalf of the eROSITA-DE collaboration
many Institutes

eROSITA was successfully launched on board the Russian-German "Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma" (SRG) satellite on July 13th 2019. With this instrument we wanted to: 1) detect the hot intergalactic medium of more than 100,000 galaxy clusters and groups and the hot gas in filaments between clusters to map out the large-scale structure of the Universe for the study of cosmic structure evolution; 2) detect systematically all obscured accreting Black Holes in nearby galaxies and many (up to 3 Million) mostly new distant active galactic nuclei, and 3) study in detail the physics of galactic X-ray source populations, like pre-main sequence stars, supernova remnants, and X-ray binaries. In total, eROSITA will map the entire sky 8 times, and while 4 passes have been already completed, we are preparing for the release of all data related to the first pass (eRASS:1, about 8 times deeper than the predecessor ROSAT), planned for Spring 2023. In my talk, I will highlight how eROSITA is already changing what we know about the hot and energetic Universe.