Contributed Talk - Splinter HotStars

Thursday, 15 September 2022, 16:15   (SFG 1030 / virtual HotStars)

Radial velocity study of hot subdwarf stars from SDSS

Fabian Mattig, Stephan Geier
Institute for Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam

In the context of my bachelor thesis I am analysing the radial velocity variabillity of a subset of hot subdwarf stars. This anaylsis is utilising 12703 non-coadded spectra of 2077 stars, created during the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), with radial velocities being calculated from the shifts of the absorption lines present in the spectra. The computations are being done by a newly created code, which adaptively selects the best absorption lines present in the data, improving on previous methods in terms of accuracy and versatility. This allows for the discovery of previously unknown highly variable systems and the deepening of our understanding of the evolution of these peculiar stars. In my talk I will go over the inner workings of my method and present my preliminary results for the surveyed population sample.