Poster - Splinter eROSITA   (SFG 0140 / virtual eROSITA)

eROSITA view of the NGC 2516 field

Samet Ok, Georg Lamer, Axel Schwope, Dario Fritzewski, Sydney Barnes, David Buckley, Jaco Brink, Jan Kurpas, Iris Traulsen
Leibniz Institüte für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP), South African Astronomical Observatory

Stellar clusters are very rich and remarkable astrophysical laboratories for studying stars and some interesting exotic binary systems. In this study, we present results for one of these rich stellar clusters, NGC 2516, observed by eROSITA in the CalPV phase. Nearly 1600 X-ray sources, many of which were detected for the first time in this area, were observed by eROSITA. The majority of the X-ray sources are hosted by main sequence stars originating from chromospheric activity. In addition, one of these sources caught our attention with its 106-minute periodic variation in X-ray. This non-cluster member object, which was discovered serendipitously, was determined to be a magnetic cataclysmic variable star by us with the spectroscopic observation obtained later. Here, we present the preliminary results of this serendipitous discovery and the cluster of NGC 2516.