Splinter Meeting JungeAG

Junge AG - Young AG

Time: Monday September 12, 14:00-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: SFG 1010 / virtual JAG

Convenor(s): Markus Hundertmark
ZfA Uni Heidelberg


Monday September 12, 14:00-18:00 Junge AG - Young AG (SFG 1010 / virtual JAG)

14:00  Markus Hundertmark:
Introduction to the aims of the Junge AG

14:20  Nikolas Schmelz:
Introducing OHB NextGen

14:40  Lukas Weghs:
An Exploration of Machine Learning Algorithms for Photometric Detection of Exomoons

15:00  Serina T. Latzko:
Investigating the [CII] deficit in M82 with FIFI-LS on SOFIA

15:20  Coffee Break

15:50  Cormac Larkin:
M5 – Mars Magnetospheric Multipoint Measurement Mission: A multi-spacecraft plasma physics mission to Mars

16:10  Gustavo Medina:
Probing the Galactic outer halo using kinematics and stellar abundances of distant RR Lyrae

16:30  Elias Ehl:
Searching for Cooling Neutron Stars in Data of the X-ray Observatory SRG/eROSITA

16:50  M. Pashapourahmadabadi:
One- and two-point source statistics from the Lofar Two-metre Sky Survey (LoTSS)

17:10  Amy Joyce:
Changing velocity of X-ray corona of Active Galactic Nucleus NGC 1365

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