Poster Presentations

Poster presentations have to be provided in printed form. The format should not exceed DIN A0 portrait (841 mm width x 1189 mm height). Poster space will be available for display during the whole week of the conference.

In addition, a PDF version of each poster should be sent to and will be made available for online participants of the conference.

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Compact Objects in Astrophysics

Volker Perlick, Claus LämmerzahlSimulation of the general-relativistic light deflection with a plastic lensPoster

Astronomy and Education

D DsouzaWhat is the natural activity spread for same-age, same-mass cool stars?Poster

eROSITA Science

Adriana PireseROSITA follow-up of candidates of continuous gravitational waves from Einstein@HomePoster
Adriana PiresXMM-Newton and SRG/eROSITA observations of the isolated neutron star candidate 4XMM J022141.5-735632Poster
Artur AvakyanFollow-up of two eROSITA XRB candidates with XMM-NewtonPoster
Florian EppelMultiwavelength Constraints on the Nature of Fast Radio BurstsPoster
Joana WokittelAn exploration of different methods to remove telluric signatures from exoplanet transit observationsPoster
Kisetsu TsugeHII regions in the Large Magellanic CloudPoster
Samet OkeROSITA view of the NGC 2516 fieldPoster
V. GhirardiniEarly Results from the First eROSITA All Sky Cluster SurveyPoster
Yi ZhangStudy the hot extended X-ray emission around z<0.1 galaxies with eRASS1 dataPoster

EScience, Machine Learning and Virtual Observatory

Coleman KilbyExtracting information on exoplanets from transit spectroscopy utilizing deep learningPoster

Junge AG - Young AG

Gustavo MedinaA study of Cepheids in Galactic open clusters and the Cepheid period-age relation in the Gaia eraPoster

General Poster

Andreas KelzThe BlueMUSE project and the contributions by German partnersPoster
Andreas KelzThe MOSAIC multi-object spectrograph for the ELT Poster
Gh. SalehMathematical description of Hubble's experimental lawPoster
Gh. SalehThe real linear and rotational velocity of the universe and its radiusPoster