Splinter Meeting Compact

Compact Objects in Astrophysics

Time: Thursday September 15, 14:00-15:45 and 16:15-18:00 and Friday September 16, 14:00-15:45 and 16:15-18:00 CEST (UTC+2)

Room: SFG 1020 / virtual Compact

Convenor(s): Eva Hackmann, Claus Lämmerzahl
U Bremen

This session covers the formation and nature of compact objects like Neutron Stars or Black Holes, their dynamics including the creation of gravitational waves, as well as phenomena in their environment like motion of stars, light bending and shadows, accretion disks and jets.


Thursday September 15, 14:00-15:45 Compact Objects in Astrophysics (SFG 1020 / virtual Compact)

14:00  Florian Peißker:
Observation of dust-enshrouded objects; Star formation close to a supermassive black hole?

14:37  Antonia Drescher:
Infrared Interferometry of the Galactic Center Black Hole

14:54  S. Elaheh Hosseini:
A new dense association of stars at the Galactic Center

15:11  Sebastiano D. von Fellenberg:
Young Stars in the Galactic Center

15:28  Artur Avakyan:
Two new catalogs of low-mass and high-mass XRBs in the Galaxy

Thursday September 15, 16:15-18:00 Compact Objects in Astrophysics (SFG 1020 / virtual Compact)

16:15  Volker Perlick, Claus Lämmerzahl:
Simulation of the general-relativistic light deflection with a plastic lens

16:18  H. Stiele:
Studying quasi-periodic oscillations during state transition

16:35  Patrick Günther:
Improved numerical scheme for solving shock acceleration in jets using stochastic differential equations

16:52  Sayantani Lahiri:
Spin fluid supported stationary torus around Schwarzschild black hole

17:09  José Luis Blázquez-Salcedo:
Perturbations of scalar-Gauss-Bonnet black holes

17:26  Hyat:
Echoes from Black Holes and Wormholes

17:43  C. Pfeifer:
Black Holes in teleparallel gravity

Friday September 16, 14:00-15:45 Compact Objects in Astrophysics (SFG 1020 / virtual Compact)

14:00  Konstantinos Kokkotas:
Neutron Star Physics based on pre- and post-merger observations

14:37  Fech Scen Khoo:
Almost matter-independent universal relations for the quasinormal modes of neutron stars in R^2 theory

14:54  Malte Heinlein:
Neutrinos from Proto-Neutron-Stars and the Nuclear Equation of State

15:11  Huanchen Hu:
Taking gravity tests with the Double Pulsar to the next level

15:28  Bilel Ben-Salem:
Propagation time delay and frame dragging effects of lightlike geodesics in the timing of a pulsar orbiting SgrA*

Friday September 16, 16:15-18:00 Compact Objects in Astrophysics (SFG 1020 / virtual Compact)

16:15  Michael F. Wondrak:
EHT Black Hole Observations Constraining Models of Gravity

16:52  Volker Perlick:
Influence of a plasma on gravitational lensing in stationary axisymmetric spacetimes

17:09  Jan-Menno Memmen:
Spinning light source orbiting a compact Schwarzschild objec

17:26  Jan Hackstein:
Gravitational field recovery via inter-satellite redshift measurements

17:43  Gh. Saleh:
Mathematical and physical proof of the time of beginning and end of the universe, from Big Bang to Big Bang

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